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Qualifications: Post Graduate Diploma in Management Higher Diploma in Accounting
Year of Experience Over 20 years

My Role as school Accountant:
Payroll: Preparation of staff monthly payroll. A huge expense to schools is the compensation and benefits paid to employees.
Invoices: Recording (posting) invoices that indicate the expenditures of the school.
Keeping Accounts and Records: Updated financial records by documenting each transaction, and processing invoices and orders.
Cash Management: Controlled and managed the money generated in the school. Overseen the money that came in and out of the school and monitored financial distribution and investment.
Implement Cash Management Strategies: I ensured that business money was properly used and accounted for, through administering and controlling school funds.
Financial Planning: Involved in financial planning for the school. I collaborated with other leaders to determine the school’s objectives and how finances can work towards those objectives; also, ensured that available funds were used effectively and transparently for the set goals.
Reports: Submission of weekly and termly report to the management for decision making.
Tax: Compute taxes and prepare tax returns.